Creating Views

Create a view that suits your purpose so that you can work efficiently.

When you create an app, a list view named "all" is automatically created to show all fields except the space field that you have disabled for use in the view. The "all" view cannot be changed by the user.

  1. Select the "views" tab on the app settings screen to create a view.

  2. Select the type of the view you want to create and click the "Add new view" button.

    Check the following for how to create each view.

    List view:

    Use List view

    Calendar view:

    Use Calendar view

    Crosstab view:

    Use Crosstab view

    Gantt view:

    Use Gantt view

    Time series calculation view:

    Use Time series calculation view

    Kanban view:

    Use Kanban view

    Map view:

    Use Map view

    Customize view:

    Use Customize view

  3. When the creation is completed, you will be returned to the view list, so click the "Update App" button.

    About buttons


    Display the view setting screen.


    Copy the view.


    Delete the view.

  4. You can freely change the order by dragging the view name up and down.

You can make changes to the view afterward even if it is already configured.