Change the color of fields depending on conditions

You can change the color of the field when you open the record add screen or edit screen or edit the field. Creation is done from the "actions" tab of the app settings screen.

Configuring an Action

  1. Select "Action by Value change" from the action trigger and click the "Add new action" button.

  2. Enter the Action Name, select the fields you want to change the color from in the "Color Scheme of Fields" section, and also select the background color / foreground color.

    The following fields cannot be specified.

    • box, spacer, table

    If you specify an in-table field in the condition of the record in which the action is executed and the in-table field is targeted for execution, the range is limited to the table row that meets the condition.

  3. After completing the settings, click the "OK" button at the bottom of the screen, and then click the "Update App" button on the app settings screen.


    Creating Actions

Configure conditions for records that perform actions

If you configure a condition, you can execute the action only when the record meets the set condition. Click the filter button to set the conditions for the record for which you want to perform the action.

Configure users who can perform actions

If you configure the execute users, you can execute the action only when the logged-in user matches those users. Click the user button to set the user who has the permission to perform the action.

Execute an Action

The action is executed when the record add screen or edit screen is opened or the field is edited.