App Settings Update Event

This page introduces events related to updating app settings.

Events before updating app settings

Properties of the Event Object
Property type Description
type String The event type.
app Object

The settings of the app that is being updated.

Property type Description
id String

The app ID.

name String

The name of the App.

fields Object

An object with data of the field settings.

styles Object

An object with data of the field widths.

layout Array

A list of field layouts for each row.

views Array

A list of view settings.

linkages Array

A list of linkage view settings.

Each property is read-only.


Get kumaneko settings

((APP_ID) => {
	"use strict";
	pd.event.on(APP_ID, 'pd.settings.edit.submit', (event) => {
		return event;

Please set the error property of the event object to true if you wish to cancel the update of the app settings.